Polski Bazalt – Włókna i Materiały kompozytowe



Polski Bazalt Company was set to present potential and innovation that basalt fiber can provide to the world. This extraordinary fiber, due to Polski Bazalt’s unique technology is extremely durable and maintains its properties on whole length. The fiber itself is 4 times lighter and up to 6 times tronger than steel, additionally what is crucial nowdays, the fiber can be produced using renewable energy sources. Composites based on basalt fiber can be a substitute of steel in construction while being far more ecological. Reinforcement bars and frame constructions are only few examples of using composite based on basalt fibre instead of steal. The main advantage of basalt fibre is its immunity to most acids and alkalis, does not oxidise so constructions made of basalt have many times longer life span than steel or aluminium structures which oxidise quite rapidly and are sensitive to most acids and alkalis.

Why basalt fiber?

What makes basalt fiber so special amongst other fibers and composites?

     -price/durability ratio

     -acids and alkalis resistant

     -does not oxidise

     -huge resource in the Earth’s crust

     -possibility of eco friendly production

     -high temperatures resistant