Polski Bazalt – Włókna i Materiały kompozytowe


Thanks to the high quality of the fiber and the stability of its properties, it has become possible to create composites based on basalt fiber which have constant very promising parameters. In the course of development works we have obtained many different composites, using various resins, materials (basalt fiber and hybrid fibers with basalt) and nano additives. We conduct continuous research on our composites and their applications. The composites market is very dynamic so we also respond to the latest needs by working on composites for both everyday use and special tasks.

What is the application of composites based on basalt fiber?

-boat hulls (high mechanical strenght and low weight)

-as a ballistic material (a properly prepared composite has excellent bulletproof properties with a relatively low weight and small thickness)

-as an insulator (thermal screens mad of basalt fiber composites show promising results as insulation in high-temperature environments)

Thanks to the use of appropriate nano additives we are able to develop a composite tailored to your individual needs!